About Ali

I am a perfectly messy human. Some days I really don’t have my shit together. Other days I feel like Beyonce has nothing on me. Every day though, I try to give to myself. I give myself grace. I give myself love. I give myself happiness. Yoga has helped me become more in tune with my well being. Now I’m on a path to find the best ways to take care of all of me. To learn to love the parts I barely like. I am here to be open and real and create a safe space for all.

I did not suddenly wake up one day and decide to change my life. I had a calling inside me, a voice that wouldn’t silence, that I could be happier, healthier and live feeling a whole lot damn better. So I made my plans and jumped. I choose everyday to stay committed to myself. It’s hard in a world that pulls you every which way telling you all these other things are important. And some are, but not as important as feeling good in your soul. That’s my one big goal. Inspire and help others feel good in their whole being.


The Curiosity

I started practicing yoga at local breweries. Most of my time may or may not have been in “extreme low plank” aka laying on my mat.


The Calling

Yoga calmed my storms. It became more of a practice than excuse to drink good beer. I started doing it daily.


The Answering

I knew for a while I wanted more out of my life. More of the things that mattered. I left my corporate job to start my Yoga Teacher Training and work part time at yoga studios.


The Growing

I graduated YTT, found a mentor & friend in the community, and began teaching. I continue to be a student learning from everyone I can.

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